There are times when you're asked to get out of your comfort zone. This is one of those times.
I don't consider myself a director, I never wanted to be one, I'm more focused on shooting and editing, but for one time I wanted to prove myself on a particular project. 
I was asked to create a mood video to communicate the feelings that you experience using a very high end perfume. So I started building up references and ended up, with the help of my colleague Luca Simonelli, with this strange idea to put together studio shots of the product and world imagery, in order to convey those feelings I was looking for.
To do so I had to put together images from all around the world, but it was impossible (unfortunately) to visit all the places I would like, so I reached out to friends in London and Dubai to collect some original footage and then I spent some very long days searching on stock footage libraries to find the shots I was missing.
Last but not least, we recreated pieces of those worlds in a studio environment and we shot the product in them.
I decided to pass on the editing phase on this one, since I wanted to have a different vision and a fresh eye to put this piece together.
To sum up: I directed this video and didn't cut it. Result: never again!
But it was worth a try!

Directed by Alessandro Crovi
Studio cinematographer: Marco Sirignano
Studio camera and location cinematographer: Alessandro Crovi
Additional footage: Alessandro Pai (London) and Len Prasad (Dubai)
Editor: Michele Bizzi
Producer: Claudia Di Lascia
Production company: Fashion Channel