We all like zombie movies, and I do too, obviously. And we all like taking selfies. Well, actually I don't, but, anyway...
Imagine a world where taking a selfie turns you into a zombie. Or better, a Selfer.
That's the basic idea of this short movie we shot for fun, with the help of some friends, during a weekend.
There's been sun, heat (it was summer), sweat and lots of laugh during the production of this piece. Whose bottom line is: don't ever take yourself too seriously (watch the end credits as proof...)
This short was selected at the Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival and won an Award of Merit at the Indie Film Fest Award in 2015.

With Veronica Franzosi and Giulio Scarano
Written and directed by Michele Bizzi
Camera and editing: Alessandro Crovi
Producer: Claudia Di Lascia
Production company: Kinedimorae