Milan is famous, amongst other things, for its Design Week. An entire week dedicated to fashion, new trends, design, architecture and, of course, parties.
There are happenings and exhibitions all over the place and one of them was inspired by Panasonic and giant screens. Four columns made of LED screens and a dancer in between them.
It's been a crazy couple of days, spent trying to figure out solutions on how to shoot this thing in the best way possible and solving technical challenges.
Thanks to technology (thank you Arri!) and a bit of pure Italian creativity, this is the result.
It's been an incredible effort, since to be on schedule we had to shoot during the day and edit during the night. And I insisted on doing both shoot and cut! 

Directed by Michele Bizzi
Cinematographer: Marco Sirignano
Camera: Alessandro Crovi and Davide Marconcini
Editor: Alessandro Crovi
Producer: Claudia Di Lascia
Production company: Kinedimorae