I had a previous experience with fashion films and I liked it so much that I was eager to shoot another one. Maybe a different one. So, instead of luxury, costumes and beautiful girls, take a black guy wearing street clothes and make him dance crump in the streets of LA. Pick up a camera and a couple lenses and that's it, right?
Not yet... Add a Shakespeare sonnet to the mix and it all becomes some serious cool work.

This little piece has been officially selected for many fashion film festivals around the world, including Aesthetica Short Film Festival (not really just a fashion film festival) and La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival, where it won the Best Editing Award.
And guess who was the editor for this one? 
Actually I was just the main editor, but I have to share the credits with my lovely assistant on this one, 
Anna Lapiccirella, who did a great job going through all the footage and from whom I stole maybe the best ideas and shots. So let's toast to the victory!

Directed by Michele Bizzi
Cinematographer: Marco Sirignano
Camera and editor: Alessandro Crovi
Producer: Claudia Di Lascia
Production company: Kinedimorae