I'm particularly attached to this one, since it's my very first "real" production, meaning it involved attending a briefing, writing a script, location scouting, actor's auditions and even a little bit of storyboarding.
It's that kind of project that feels always heartwarming every time I see it, because it reminds me the way I started and in this particular case, it involved some people I work with still to these days.
I wrote this one and I directed it, with the help of my long time friends Michele Bizzi for lighting and Claudia Di Lascia for scheduling and production.
I acted also as a camera operator and editor, my main passions, and also did post production and composed the music myself!
Sort of a one man band thing (not entirely true, see above), but we all need to start somewhere. And this is how it began for me.

Directed and edited by Alessandro Crovi
Cinematography: Michele Bizzi
Producers: Claudia Di Lascia and Alessandro Crovi
Production company: Movi&Co