Design Week for Milan means fashion, a lot of people from all around the world, parties, nightlife... But it all started with, you know, design!
The true and pure form of design overlap with house furniture, and to these days kitchen in particular.
And kitchen, obviously, mens food.
If you put all these things together, you can see how easy it is to think of food as a means to tell stories, and who better than an executive chef who traveled throughout the world can be the narrator of these stories?
I was involved as an editor on this project by my friends at Bonsaininja Studio. Listening to the words of Michele and getting to know his experiences has been a tremendous pleasure and a way to enrich myself as a person.
I had the chance to experience different cultures and places, without even leaving my desk!

Directed by Flavio Nani
Cinematographer: Emilio Giliberti
Editor: Alessandro Crovi
Production company: Bonsaininja Studio

Here is the full piece: