We all deal with clients and we all know most of the times we just have to make the best out of their ideas, and let's be honest, sometimes they're not very attractive...
But this time has been different, this time we went to the client and said: "what about making a fashion film instead of a classic commercial?"
Unexpected answer: "Let's do it".
So it came to this: historical palaces, strange gardens, beautiful costumes, wigs, dancers, extras and a mirror. It all became a magical journey that left everyone astonished.
It's been a tremendous effort since we had just 2 days to shoot everything in two different (and distant) locations.
But the team was great and everyone did his best to remain on schedule without sacrificing a single hint of quality.
And I have to say it's been one of the most intense and hardest experiences in my career.
But I guess it was worth it, because this film was selected alla around the world in the best fashion film festivals, winning also some great awards at La Jolla, Brussels and London.
I can only say that it has been such an honour being part of this amazing family!

Directed by Michel Bizzi
Cinematographer: Marco Sirignano
Editor: Alessandro Crovi
Producer: Claudia Di Lascia
Production company: Kinedimorae