I'm lucky enough to have the chance to get into some passion projects from time to time, and this is one of those times. Lucky enough for you? Not really... This time I've been involved in a project with such a great team I cannot feel grateful enough for being carried onboard.
So what's this about? This is a short film about a man recovering from a heart attack, whose conditions have to be monitored constantly by a heartbeats counter. Not really sci-fi, not really a comedy, not really a drama, it's just something in between.
So, how do you approach something like this on the cinematography side? The short answer is: trying to create something that would feel emotional and unsettling at the same time.
I have to say that me, the director and the producer were on the same page from day 1, so everything worked like a charm, even if we were on a tight budget and even tighter schedule.
But thanks to the amazing team and a bit of "sporty" approach everything happened like magic.

We shot this piece on an Arri Alexa Mini coupled with Cooke S4 lenses during just 2 days (and nights...), so I really want to thank you again everyone, from the screenwriter to the electricians, from the stylist to the production desinger and the rental house (complete credits at the end of the film) for their willingness and the passion they put in the project, but especially our two great great actors, Vinicio Marchioni and Erica Del Bianco, who delivered an amazing performance throughout every single shot.

Now it's time for you to watch it, and maybe get a little emotional in the end...

Directed by Michele Bizzi
Cinematographer and editor: Alessandro Crovi
Producer: Claudia Di Lascia
Production Company: OffiCine/IED Anteo