I make videos.
This can appear as a bold statement, but it's basically what I do.
I light, shoot and edit.
Obviously, it's not that simple. 
I started working as a freelance editor just after completing my studies in Cinema, Television and Multimedia Production at IULM University in Milan, having no idea of how the real filmmaking world worked, but really wanting to make great videos and tell great stories. So I started to make every possible kind of thing, from event videos to behind the scenes, from branded content to one-man-band productions.
And so I fell in love with shooting, too. 
For a time I've been doing everything myself, from writing the idea and the script to lighting and shooting, from "directing" to editing and deliver, but suddenly you realise that's not enough, if you really want to get better.
And then I found myself looking out for new people to work with.
That's how I ended up starting a real production company, Kinedimorae, with two friends and colleagues of mine.
But then I realised once more that I wasn't fit for the role, so I came back doing what I do best and love the most:
light, shoot and edit!
Once again, there's much more to the story, but this is not the place for a complete biography, so let's jump into some technical stuff.
SPOILER ALERT: this section contains some serious nerdy things...
On the editing side, I started on Final Cut Pro, but then I moved to Premiere and I'm still using it as my main editing software. I cannot use After Effects at all, so please don't ask for me to do it. I know some great people that are masters of motion graphic and compositing, and I always turn to them whenever I need that kind of support.
I also own a full license for DaVinci Resolve and I like to use it to color my own personal projects. But I cannot define myself a colorist in any possible way, I just like to play with color correction as a cinematography guy.
On the cinematography side, I'm really a child of my time. I started shooting when digital was starting to flourish and I grew up with it and embraced it. I lived through the DSLR revolution and now I find myself in the middle of the LED revolution. I'm also a camera owner, since I like to feel free to shoot even in my spare time, and I certainly cannot afford to rent an Alexa every time I feel the urgency to go out and shoot...
I own a Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, with both EF and PL mount, and that's my go to camera for low budget projects.
If I need something with more horsepower, I just add it to the gear list.
In the end, rental houses are there for a reason!
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